Why you shouldn’t sleep on weekends

Sleeping in for an extra hour or so on a weekend morning may seem like the stuff dreams are made of, a good way to try recoup the shuteye that you missed during a busy week. But it won’r help you make up for chronic sleep debt. While it may hekp you feel slightly less drowsy and stressed out that day, it won’t eliminate the negative, cumulative effects that sleep loss has on your health or your mental and physical perfomance.

What’s more, sleeping in can throw off your body’s internal clock (aka sleep/wake cycle), setting you up for having trouble falling asleep or staying asleep the next night which eventually leads to an increased risk of developing obesity, type 2 diabetes, and cardiovascular diseases.

A bettet way to try make up for any slumber that you lost during the week is to take a 20-to-30-minute nap on weeknd afternoons, ideally between 2pm and 3pm. You’re more likely to awaken feeling refreshed, and you’ll ste the stage for a goodnight’s sleep too.


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