Signs you need to move or regret later in relationships issues

If you don’t see your partner’s bad behaviour changing soon, probably it won’t

Your expectations can be so high when you’re dating, that it’s all too easy to overlook yhose endless upsets that somehow never seem to get fixed. And you must, because continually unresolved issues, no matter how small each one may seem at the time, are a strong indication that sooner or later things will end in tears. So, however much you want the relationship to succeed, it’s probably best to bring it to an end.

For example, if your partner’s always blaming you. Somehow everything’s always your fault, and they never accept responsibility for any difficulty. They can never see your point of view, or understand they maybe contributing to the problem.

Or maybe your partner know all about your moral and ethical standards, and yet they keep disrespecting them. Not being honest, for example. Or you can’t count on them. Constantly late perhaps, maybe not even turnibg up, not being where they said they would be, unexpectedly dissapearing off the radar for days at a time, or never seeming to have their share of rent. It’s difficult to build a goodlife with someone whose word can’t be ttusted.

Don’t put up with someone who always sees the negative side of everything. Who repeatedly puts you down or makes you feel inadequate. Or who constantly puts themselves down. So that you can’t even give them a simple compliment without it being turned into a self pitying argument about how they never get anything right. Or who’s insecure and endlessly insist that you’re flirting when you are not.

Or who takes you for granted. Like you’ve spent ages cooking them a great meal, and yet you don’t get even the slightest thank you or gesture of appreciation. Over time, being taken for granted can really wear you down.

Like your partner never plans for special occasions, such as birthday, or an anniversary or a celebration. Or they don’t put any effort into the relationship. Or they continually dissapoint you in bed. Good sex is the glue that keeps a couplez together.

Through thick and thin. And it doesn’t usually improve without lot of effort. So if it’s lacking, you’ll eventually end up frustrated and be tempted ro stray.

Don’t put up with a partner who keeps cheating on you. Or who keeps showing up drunk. Or who simply communicate with you. No matter how hard you try to express yourself, your partner won’t listen to you, or try to understand what you are saying, or attempt to resolve an issue ends in criticism, contempt, defensiveness or silence. Or your partner completely ignores your words, and simply goes on doing whatever’s upsetting you.

No matter how good things might be at their best, if you notice a parttern of unresolved issues in your relationship, then you’ll never achieve a really close and fulfilling long term relationship. So it’s probably best to pluck up your courage and move on. Soon.


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