As much exercise should be goal oriented and challanging, it should also be enjoyable. There are factors- age, disability and environment- that will determine the type of workout routine you should follow. If you easily fall, focus on mobility moves rather than high intensity aerobic exercisr. For the over 40, keep pave with age appropriate workouts.

As years go by, you will realise that your body doesn’t bounce back as fast as it used to. Body tonight gets more challanging as you age. Stay physically active as this will maintain muscle mass and bone density and avert any other age related fitness issues.

If sick, follow your doctor’s advice on weight loss

When working to lose weight, especially when you have a medical condition, focus on quality rather than quantity. Extreme workouts will bring more harm than good. Focus on your health with moderateweight training combined with cardio exercises like brisk walking or jogging.

If stressed, stimulate your brain

If you are suffering from depression, stress and anxiety, focus on aerobic exercises which can induce endorphins and lift your mood. Do not be discouraged by slow progress—because it is still progress. Let exercise be your friend when your mind is unsttled.

If toning, focus on full body workouts

Do circuit training by engaging a wide variety of exercises everytime you work out. Fully body workouts will help you get stronger and more agile. If you’re easily bored, mixing things up will help you enjoy exercise a lot more. Your workouts should be challanging but not impossible. Getting fit and maintaining a toned body depends in your workout routine. Choose a workout routine that allows you to have a great time while you shape your body to the desired fitness level.

If really out of shape, try this

Engage in activities that will make you move a little bit more. Do low to moderate intensity workouts and fix in simple opportunities to move around in your daily routine.

If the gym is not your cup of tea

If you do not like the gym, or are on a tight budget to pay for membership, you can still work out anywhere. Taka a walk, go for a hike,ride a bike, go swimming or do some push-ups , squats,planks and crunches at the beach, park or nearby field. Ask a friend to accompany youor put some music to cheer you on.


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