Foods to fight arthritis

Arthritis is a healthy condition that affects a person’s joints causing swollen, painful and stiff joints. It is common in older adults but can also develop in children, teens and younger adults. It is more prevalent in women and overweight individuals. There are different types of arthritis but the most common ones are rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis and gout.

Although there is no diet that can cure arthritis, certain foods can help fight inflammation and ease its symproms worse. Trigger foods vary from one person to another but there are common known trigger foods that should be minimised by people with arthritis.


Simple processed sugar can trigfer release of compounds known as cytokins which can cause inflammation in the joints. Sugar in itself isn’t essentially bad. When coming from the right source-nitrous food- sugar is agood source of energy. Avoid or minimise intake of processed foods and drinks like artificial juices, sodas and most baked goods since they are often loaded with simple sugars and have little to no nutrition value. Sugary foods are also common cause of weight gain which adds pressure and stress to the joints causing more inflammation and pain.

Foods high in saturated fats

Sarurated fats found mainly in animal based foods like meats and dairy products; and in processed and refined foods like potato crisps, pastries and processed meats can cause inflammation in the body which in turn triggers arthritis symptoms, if taken in large quantities. To reduce intake of saturated fats, go for lean cuts of meat, skin your chicken before cooking and go for whole grains instead of processed ones. High intake of saturated fats triggers the liver to produce excess cholesterol which causes more inflammation and heightens your risk of heart diseases. Healthier fats that that are high in omega 3 fatty acids like avocado, salmon and tuna are high in anti inflammatory compounds and can help lower the bad fats in the body thus reducing inflammation.

Foods high in salt

Too much salt is bad for everyone. The amount of salt you eat has a direct effect on your blood pressure. Salt makes your body retain too much water which raises your blood pressure. High blood pressure puts a strain on your heart, arteries, kidney and brain. World Health Organization recommends that adults keep their salt intake at just under 5grams per day. People with arthritis should take even less because some medicine used in treating arthritis like corticosteriods make the body retain more sodium, resulting in more water retention, putting you at more risk of elevated blood prssure.


Excessive intake of alcohol is associated with many health conditions. It also causes inflammation in the body which triggers arthritis symptoms. Alcohol is a good source of purine, a compound broken down intovuric acid by the body. If uric acid isn’t eliminated from the body it can build up and cause gout. Reducing alcoholic intake can greatly reduce severity and frequency of gout attacks.

Red meats and organ meats

Compared to white meats, red meats are higher in purines compared to while meats. Organ meats are alsk a good siurce of purines. Taking red meats often and in excess can increase your uric acid levels and spur a gout attack Red meat are also rich in saturated fats which are a common cause of inflammation. Choose white meat like fish over red meat. Use lean cuts of meats and take more of plant based proteins.


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