All of us are in search of success, fullfilment,satisfaction and happy life. We read and watch all the successful stories, ideas, habits and histories of other successful indoviduals. Are we using our time well? Are we coping other peoples cultures? Are we comparing ourselves to others? Are we filling our minds with other people experience stories? Are we influenced by others? or do we need to influence others?

  1. I gaze there are soo many question behind these. We keep doing same things, same stories and same ideas. Many people have destroyed their uniqueness and fit into other peoples shoes. Success is an endless topic to discuss but one thing that stands out is the uniqueness. If you ain’t going to understand your purpose in life, then it’s time you re-invent your thoughts and set a deep meditation. Under the longrun into the real world of success the following were the common self destructive habits:

Comparative minds

Many people want to compare themselves with others. This has led to envy, greedy, impatience, crime and arguments into the world of development. We want to be successful than others. It turns out that we want the fame, positions, power, recognition in simple toxic shortcuts. But after using the lucky shortcuts, we still claim to be looking for success.

Lack of self trust minds

Many keep thinking that they only depend on others to succeed. Some have limited themselves to being great in life. They follow what their close companions say or do. They fear to be isolated in their life making decisions. Others have made their mind to believe that they are poor and can never be rich due to time, age, relationships and their present situations. They never embrace change in life hence lack self trust to achievement.

Don’t care minds

Some group of people lack the interest in learning and embracing successful minds. They believe in cheap motovation quotes. Some would claim that they are born to suffer and die. Some say they are living at their means and keep hoping that their would be a helper to see them. They end up living in life full of world pleasures without considering their image and responsibities to the society. These group of people are toxic and only live for their gain. Some can afford to abandon their families and look for a comfort somewhere. They never struggle and deal with life situations as expected by their love mates. A successful mind should embrace all challanges and difficulties in order to enjoy the sweetness of his victory. Stand firm and strong in your decisions and see your progress counting.

Loose hopers minds

Some groups of people loose hope along the journey. They may feel as if they have written and read lots of books and blogs, and so its their turn to relax and enjoy. Others may loise gope due to the challanges they face along the way like critism, lack of motivation factors, work overload, tiredness that never ends, burn-out, failures all time etc. This factors are essential and one should be ready for anything to happen despite the expectations. But should never limit your progress. Keep on falling and rising as success isnt a straight path, but a path with downfalls and rising. Remember you are in a race with lots of competitors. Don’t allow them to use you, abuse you and later laugh at you. Stick to your front page and never think of returning back because it will make no sense of your “start-ups” Be stronger and stronger everyday.

People pleasers minds

Some people act or do something in favour of others. This seema like your life is taken for granted. People will consume your energy,time and resources as you keep on misusing you half empty glass of water as others fill their glasses. Remember everybody want to win like you hence no one is completely zero-minded. People are different and do things differently. Others may decieve to gain others may gain to deceive. People play their cards differently so don’t act like you wanna be one of their cards. Stay silent and humble. You don’t owe anyone approval or explanations. What you do should be what you own and deserve to keep it for the help where its efficient. You don’t have to keep informing others of your discoveries and findings all time you meet by. A successful mindset is set to gain more and more every moment and not loosing what it has. Hava self royalty to your esteem and position your mind into being silent listener than talking alot.

Braggative minds

People like to bragg around on the expensive things they own. All the mansions, automobiles, plots, achievements, awards etc. A successful mind should always recognize that what they currently have isn’t enough. They keep yearning for more and more with no limits. One should not embarace the culture of retirement in his minds. This will dry your potentials to higher greatness. Always be on the need for more exploitations, discoveries and experiencing different situations.

Repetitive minds

Some people love repeating the same same habits each and every day. They never seek an opportunity to learn and experience different situations. Always remember repetions leads to adaptations and no change happens to your journey to success journey. You become like the sun which sets and rises in the same direction.Try and build room for frequent change and don’t fear anything. Life is full of test and experiments. Always change and try different test to get more ideas and experiences in making better self decisions in life. Focus on being flexible in life choices and you can try and learn to listen to other peoples opinions who are on the same lane or close to your class mindset. This is because no one is perfect and we may make poor decisions if we don’t give toom for others views. Be optimistic and develope a better attitude towards self and others.

Worried minds

Some people are just worried about taking risks that they would wan’t to. An individual may be worried of investing in a big organisation or industry due to frequent terrorism, failurees of some firms, security, government policies and nany others. Another may fear of not being loved by his peers, friends, relatives or family due to his non-expected choice of career, job or activity that he may undertake. Another may fear dieying or public exploitation to insecurities like journalism and politics etc. Peoplwme worry yes, but it should be a no for achievent and compliying to your achievements stragies. You don’t have to think of downfalling of your success instead think of uprising factors. Remember that anything goods comes out pain and struggles.

Impatience minds

If you aim to achieve the always consider both sides. I once read a newpaper where college students could spend nightshifs to read successful stories & ideas and wake up to rush for employments but later could be cut off unexpectedly. This is because they focus so much of successful ideas and forget of the failure side also being important. Other people are pressurised by frauds, gossips and critisms within their surrounding environment that make them to deep themselves in quick unplanned decisions that make them uncomfortable later in life. Others give-in easily in any opportunity they find. They take time to open more oppotunities to measure and consider for the ultima choice. For example when choosing supplier for raw materials, try and research different firms for appropriate sollution later after examining their prices, quality,brand features etc. These needs lots of patience and preparation to great informed decisions and plans for your successful starups and driving of your life goal achievement stratitegies to set up.

Time-wasters minds

Some people never learn to manage their time well into productivity engaging. They keep on misusing their time in cheap costly pleasurable activities like gambling, TV watching, smoking, sexual immorality, alcoholism, gossiping, arguments etc. That add no gain to their progress in goal achievement. They keep on postponing their duties until they create a heavy workload that gets then more tired and stressful. A success-driven mindset should always consider what is is important than whats availble. If you have got more friends and are of no importance to your success achievement, its better you ignore them. Because they are no longer friends but mere time wasters. A friend is someone who is supportive and concerned about you. Try and cut out things that cosume your time and energy but never add up to yoursuccessful achievement. Learn to say no because its healthy and effective way to avoid disruptions and prople who may cosume your precious moment. To me I always believe Time is the soul of my business hence no one messess with it. You can set up strategies to manage your time properly without many stumblingblocks all the way.

Complaining minds

Life is never the way we think it must be. At some point you may face flow of activities but later you may encounter challanges. Some people would face violence, discrimination, injustice, conflicts and poor governance in their lifes. This may result to strike over salaries, corruption, war and compliments. People keep complaing to no one who is ready to hear us. Everyday is the same but no change happens. This kind of expectation and dependance over somehelp will keep you unprogressive and stuck at samething forever. Its time we star focusing on our duties that may look independent despite of risk and consequences thay may come by. Thes will improve our minds into creativity and specialisation of important self goal achievement. People will become self dependance and satisfied whith whatever they face and embrace better strategies.

Free-zone minds

This is one of the most common seld destructive minds. Some people are always free open to anyone in abusiness. They often don’t mind their differing lines ib between relationship and friendship responsibilites to their business life cycle. Some tend to appoint family members, close relatives, class mates or friends to work in their business, without putting into consideration that there are some factors that may hinders appropriate business successful running. It may result to conflicts, slow dedication, proper turn up of output and many other factors. This always hinder various entreprenuers in goal achievement. Hence be careful and better choose appropriate qualified person that will work adequately for successful operations.

The research is still on progess and hope to get more of it. If it it helped out you can give your feedback. Its highly appreciated with much gratitude.


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