5 Harmful Exercises that you should never do

Most people who got to the gym are normally novices. They do exercises that they are told to do or have seen been done before. Often times on mày be doing an exercise that has been proven by science to cause injuries. Some of the dangerous exercises are below.

1. Frog jump

This is where you squat, then jump and tuck your chest. These jumps can lead to knee and ankle ijuries accoriding to many personal trainers.

2. Behind the neck pulldowns

This exercise entails the participant pullingdown a weight behind the back. Lat pulldowns behind the neck place stress on other cuff if the bar is pull down too far. It will also strain the subscapularis muscle by stretching it to the point that they cannot properly support the joint in the shoulder. Normal pulldown variations are advised instead as getting the former right is difficult for many novices.

3. Tricep dips with hands behind you on the bench

Do close-grip of parallel bar dips instead as the movement places unnecessary stress on the rotator cuff.

4. Jump on concrete surfaces

There’s a reason NBA players dont play games on concrete. The surfaces is not good for ones legs and getting injured on its very easy.

5. 45-degree leg press

People often use very heavy weights on the leg press, according to personal trainer pearla phillips. But phillips warns, this places force on the knees & himps and can cause injuries.


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