Planning for workouts? Here are tips on maintaining the hair

THERE ARE NUMEROUS benefits to be reaped from a regular exercise regime. Besidea protecting your heart various diseases, exercise is also good when you have high blood pressure, diabetes, obesity and back pain among other medical conditions.

Below are tips to keep your hair style: It is important to have an easy, work out friendly haistyle when you arw active. Braided or paited hair, dor example, is easier to maintain when you exercise regularly. However, braided hair cannot last for long because of sweating that comes with exercising. The braids tend to lose their lustre quickly and can also accumulate dirt, and if not washed often, become smelly. You therefore need to replace the braids regularly.

If you have long open hair, the best solution is to hold in a bun when exercising to avoid contact with sweat. Ensure you also tie your hair loosely to avoid thinning and breaking. In addition, ensure to wash, condition and treat regularly. For short open hair, simply comb it backwards away from your face.

Protect your hair: Its important to keep sweat away from your hair by covering the hairline with a sweatband. Sweat has salt particles that may lead to excessive drying of both scalp and hair. Get hair band made od materials such as cotton, which can absorb the sweat. Alternatively, you can use a light headscarf made of absorbent materials.

If possible, try to exercise in an air-conditioned or well-ventilated room. If you are working out of home, ensure the windows and door are open. For those who like outdoor exercise, the best time to do it is early in the morning or in the evening when is much cooler and you are likely not to sweat much.

Cover your hair when swimming: Wearing a swimming cap minimises exposure of hair to harsh pool chemicals. But the cap won’t always protect your hair. So after swimming, shampoo your hair to remove the chlorine and the condition it to minimise damage.


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