Do Rich envy Hustlers?

To majority hustlers are to be petied. They struggle under the sun or in the rain to make a living everyday. They have no social security, like pension, no perdiem or sitting allowance. But they buy sugar and other commpdities at the same prices as anyone else. We must salute them for that. In reality, hustlers should be admired by proffessionals in big firms. Why?

1. Their risk taking behaviour

Everyday is different from the previous one with new challanges presenting themselves. There’s never a dull moment. Proffessionals jobs, on other hand are routine. Office workers can anticipate the customers they will get and can perform their task almost by role. Yet despite the constant change, hustlers still go to their hustles even though they are never assured of a constant income.

2. The patience

Hustlers wait everyday for customers who may never come. Think of shoe shinners or kiosk operators. Their patience goes beyond that- they learn avtrade or a hustle for years and build a customer base. And then one day they start their own business and leave the owner high and dry. That’s common with Barbers and other personal service hustlers where personal attention matters. Proffessionals don’t have this luxury. Its hard to just start up and start another parastatal ir university after working there for years.

3. The freedom

While economic upswings and downswings harass hustlers, they’re still able to enjoy freedom to be their own Boss. Professionals are either harrassed by seniors or bureacratic issues like insubordination.

4. Their smile

Even when things are bad, hustlers are optimistic. They rarely suffer from diseases of development like the affluent. Maybe they’re gone through so many hard times that they have learnt to cope.

5. Their determination

Hustlers are a mission to ensure their childern have a better life than they did. Thats why private schools or academics are found in slums.

6. Their support system

Hustlers support each other when things are good and when they are bad. Through chamas and othet social organisations, they make up for what formal systems have failed to provide them.

7. Their contribution

Hustlers are major consumers of goods and services despite their meagre resources. They keep economy hummuring as they creat 88% of jobs in the country i.e Kenya.

  • Have you noted the effory Banks, Saccos, Shylocks and even Government put into getting the attention of hustlers? They may not have money, but their numbers give them admirable economic power and (in whispers) political power. Even in developed countries, hustlers are admires for their ingenuity and creativity. The Multinations we admire and write case studies about were spawned by hustlers. You still don’t admire hustlers? Try being one and you will pay homage to their contribution to economy and resilience. Maybe that’s why the spectre of one of them getting to the House on the Hill has upset the country”s political equilibrium in Kenya?

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