Salaried employment- is where an individual offers his services to an organisation or an individual with aim if getting payment(wages, salary) at the end of a specified period thats to say hourly, daily, weekly, monthly or annual.

Advantages of salaried employment

1. An assurance of income

2. One enjoy certain allowances

3. People are accorded high social status

4. Provides room for specialisation among employees

5. Creates a sense of belonging

Disadvantages of salaried employment

1. Limited resources- since the workers have an agreed income after a period of time that can be affected

2. Slow decision making- since the employees and employers take time to discuss the issue affecting business

3. Limited working conditions- the employees work under the scheduled plan and condition by the organisation or institution hence one cannot have control over conditions

4. Inadequate resource/ scramble for available resources- since the employers share limited resources since they are many hence creating the pressure/scramble of the few resources

5. Lack of personal satisfaction since the employees workbto satisfy the employers needs in order to earn their salary well

6. Many salaried workers are on-call everyday all week. If an hourly employee cannot work, salaried employees often have to fill those hours themselves

7. As the senior hourly employee, you had protection from layoffs. As the mewest salaried employee however you are fist in line to be fined or laid off during any down sizing.

8. Decreased motivation- since however the employees may put hardwork in his or her business the salary ss constant hence decreased morale on employees.

9. No paid overtime- no matter the employees work over time in order to accomplish the employers assignment, they are not paid overtime hence boredom and decreased motivation


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