A. Principle of clarity

1. Use short sentences to express your point.

2. Use active voice

3. Avoid technical jargons

4. Avoid Ambiguity.

5. Use concrete expression.

B. Principle of completeness

1. Your message shouls be complete.

C. Principle of correctness

1. Your message should be correct hence the receiver should trust your message.

D. Principle of objectivity

Everytime you pass a message you should have purpose ie. Inform, Entertain etc.

E. Principle of order

Your message should be presented in a systematic marner ie. Known to unknown in an orderly manner.

F. Principle of conciousness

This is to pass alot of information using few words i.e synonyms.

To archieve this principle you should:

1. Avoid reputation.

2. Avoid wording expressions- using so many words.


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