Uncondtional love is an illussion

People will always love you so long as you meet certain needs in their lives.

Your woman will stick with you during roughtimes, not because she loves you unconditonal but because she can see you have the potential to overcome harder and take care of her life.

Your friends will hang around because of perks that come with your friend.

Even your blood relatives will abandon you if they think your situation is hopeless

Love is an illusion. Dont destroy yourself in pursuit of love

Society will only tolerate you so long as you are useful otherswise discary you without a second chance

A man is never appreciated

Being a man is a thankless job. Gender roles may have shift but men are still expected to fulfill the traditional roles. Just live in the care days.

Fail to provide for your family and you will be branded a dead bear.

Provide without fail and nobody appreciate that because you are simply doing what is expected.

If yiu were hoping for a pat on the back for effectively undertaking your duties then you are in for a big dissapointment

If lucky you will get an iversize suit or paitmr of socks as tokens of aporeciation fotmr the years you toiled to ensure none of your loved one lacjed anything.

Man is a lonely creature

As a man you are bond to soend huge chunk if your life alone. Its a hardware into our genetic code, you may have lots of friends but most times when you want to make major studies in your life or you are in trouble you first instict is to treat back into yiur man cage.

You pull back from everyone in order to think clearly restuategue and work on how to meet your objectives

Having a partner diesn’t change a thing. By the time you hit 50 all you want is to take thoughts you hope to in your lifetime. Meanwhile your woman will be reduscovering herself to make up for lost time since the kids now all grown up.

She will probably go back to graduate school, pick up new hobbies or to travel when all you want is to chill having done it all.

Your kids will only reach out to you when they want help.

Therefore you have to enjoy your own company because a man is a lonely beast.

When you fall everyone flees

Life is full of ups and downs. There are times when things will be grea. Business, career, health and family all perfect and other tine you will crumbleeverything you touch will turn into dust.

The people you consumed copius amounts of alcohol and roasted goat ribs with men and women whom you thought were ride or die friend will dissappear from your life. They will stop picking your calls and duck when they see you from across the street.

Your woman will lose the respect she had for you, say nasty things and treat you like an intruder in your own home.

Your family and relatives will treat you with gossip and laugh at your misfortune.

99% of people you helped will not come 5km close to you.


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