• Grapevine- is a communication that follows no set lines and no definite rules but spreads like the grape vine in all direction anywhere and very fast. The importance are as follows;

1. Quick transmission of information.

2. The grapevine provides feedback to the management.

3. It supplements other channels.

4. It gives/brings a kind of cohesiveness to members. A sense of belonging and status satisfaction.

5. It acts as a kind of sift because you feel safe as you talk about issues fears and you feel relieved.

Disadvantages of grapevine

1. It can be a source of harmful rumours and gossips and can be realy dangerous if manipulated by managers to communicate with the employees. It spreads basedless or distorted new which could be harmful to employees.

2. It may be used to spread basedless or distorted news which could be harmful.

3. Grapevine information is more often than not incomplete. There is very likelihood of it being misunderstood and misintepreted.

4. Damaging swiftness- a rumour may have spread and cause serious damage before the management becomes aware of it and can take vectifying steps.

5. An active grapevine can cause much damage to an organisation by spreading incomplete false or exegarated information. It can result in low morale, cynism, fear and uncentralled work force.


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