• Barrier- hinder the receiver from understanding the message.

Categories of Barriers

(A) Physical Barriers

Are those hinders that are within our environment. For example;

Noise- from people, machine etc.

Room- condusive for recieving i.e enough lighting, patioud, sitting arrangement, comfortable, ventilation etc.

Environmental stress- our climate, labour, temperature etc.

Subjective stress- i.e illmess,complications etc.

(B) Language Barriers(sematic)

Can be abarrier in many ways i.e

1. Receiver/sender use different language.

2. Use of vocabularies which are not familiar to receiver (Technical Jargons).

3. Words can be interpretend badly i.e synonyms, antonyms etc.

4. Spelling problems can caude language barrier.

5. Wrong pronounciation if words.

6. Mother tongue influence.

(C) Wrong Choice Of Medium

If dont consider the factors, one is probably going to choose wrong choice of medium.

(D) Poor listening

Will retain different percentage of information depending on the strength of your listening skills. Don’t day dream during communication.

(E) Poor presentation of messages

You might have good idea but when it comes to expressing up i.e Omissions, lack of coherancy(not flowing), Poor sentance constraction(subject, verb, object), poor handwriting etc.

(H) Closed Mind

You will not understand the message you are not ready to listen. Its an attitude problem, you are not open minded. You think what othera are presenting is not important.

(I) Pre judgement

Is judging before. Its an attitude problem, either a person or a message, you think you know. Making opinions on others no matter how good they are.

(J) Information overload

Is where you give a lot of information at once.

(K) Differing background

Interms of:

Age difference- betwern sender and receivercan hinder effective. The sender is not able to calm down to the gap of the receiver.

Education differences- if the sender is too much educated and does not kniw the receiver. It may lead to communication breakdown.

Gender background- if alady adresses men, she may not be paid attention than a man talking to fellow men.

Social status- too much respected(high position) thete is that fear. The gap is too wide. The sender can be high or low in status.

(L) Economic position(powers)

Rich or poor financially. If you are not you fell beelittled.

(M) Caltural background

Can hinder our communication i.e the way brought up.

For example: A lady should not put up trouser believing that are immoral. Beliefs, culture etc leads to terrorist, cults etc.

(N) Religion background

Some religion belief that taking child to school and disciplining them is like punishing.

(O) Political belief

Some may kill and fight up in order to support their partrties. It may leadvto break down communication.

(P) Psychological barriers

Anything that affects your mind that hinder from understanding the message. For example: poor attenting, egoisim- feeling of suppurionity.

(Q) Physiological barrier

Things that affect your body and hinder communication i e health(sickness), deaf etc.

(R) Mechanical barrier

Are raised by channels employed in communication at various levels i.e phones(mouthpie problem). Absent of communication facilities i.e speakers, microphones. They hinder communication from being understood.


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