Using a philosophy use a thorn to draw a thorn the causes of the challanges- our genes also contain the seeds of solutions.

You cannot eliminate the fears and emotional reactions resulting from our genes. You can however bring their intensity down with increased predictability and preparation.

Inshort you can bring down the unpredictability of the situation, you will be a lot less anxious.

A. Predictability

There are three unpredictable ares in stage presentation.

(1) Audience

(2) Setting

(3) Topic

(1) Audience

Your stage fear will go down in direct proportion to your familiarity and relatability to the audience.

This is fairly obvious. Image that you are asked to present to an audience filled with your closesy relatives (parents, siblings & others you are most at ease with). Doesn’t the fear go down significantly ? After all you don’t worry about losing social prestige with people that you find familiar and relatable to you. Since your audience is unlikely to be limited to your relatives, make an effort to understand as much as possible about your audiences: their background, their interest, their expectations fron you, prominent members, demographic. Insist on meeting a few from them prior if possible. Knowing them helps you anticipate questions apart from improving your reliability to them.

Tip: if you are absolutely new to stage presentations, have one or two of your friends stationed at fixed spots in the audience. They can serve as your cheerleaders and most importantly, you know the only two spots in the audience to focus, your fearful eyes_ this close of familiarity will boost your confidence a lot.

(2) Setting

Your stage fear will reduce in portion to the degree and closeness of practices to reality. Observe the setting where you will be presenting carefully. Practise in the same room and if that isn’t possible, try to set up a replica of the actual setting elsewhere mirror size, acoustics, tools, accessories etc. For your practice, dress in the same clothes you would on the D-day. Inshort your setting should be 100%. Rehearsed on all accounts this way there will be as few supprises as possible on the D-day.

(3) Topic

Your anxieties will reduce in proportion to your interest in & prior subject matter experience of the topic. This one ia obvious. The last you want to do is to be on stage talking about a topic boring and unfamiliar to you. An interested panicky brain is te perfect recipe for disaster. Follow Abraham Lincolin and politely stay away.

Tip: If new to stage presentations, avoid topicd that would need a huge amount of rote learning. Those clearly aren’t second naturw to you.

B. Practice

Whith an intresting topic, perfect setting and understanding of audience,do the one thing that counts the most. Practice, practice and more practice. Steve jobs was known to pracrice for hundreds- apparents thousands of hours and for months for has keynote presentation.

Tip: Leverage the subconcious brain. Only the concious brain experiences panic but the subconsious brain that controls involuntary process does not. Thats why you dont forget your deep learning like running, walking or cycling in panic. One way to activate your subconcious brain is practice. If you practice long and hard enough ( hundreds of hours), your entire perfomance will be delivered by your subconsious brain even if your concious brain blanks out. Practicr makes perfect.


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