Pineapple is a fruit that is loved by many people because of its sweetness and health benefits to the body. It has a number of benefits to ladies more than to men. Here are some of the ways in which pineapples can be of benefit to women.

1. Realives menstrual pain

Menstrual cramps and lower backpain is the worst thing in women. Taking a piece of pineaple or glass of pineaple juice can act as a natural painkiller because it will eradicate all these problems.

2. Eliminates fertility problems

Pineaple works better in improving the reproductive system. Pineaples contain minerals like copper and zinc which are important to the reproductive system. Women who eat plenty of this fruit are said to be more fertile than those who don’t

3. Good during pregnancies

Women who consume more pineaples are said to give birth to healthy children than those who rarely eat it. This is due to the follic acid present in it. Folic acid helps in preventing brain defects and spine defects to the unborn child.

4. Preventive measure of breast cancer

If you notice some early signs in breast cancer pineple is thw best preventive measure to take. Eat atleast a piece of this fruit and you will be free from it. It has antioxidants that are responsible for fighting breast cancer.


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