1. Focus on interest not positions

We are often focused on positions instead of interest behind them. Position is what you ask from other party while Interest is why you want them.

Remember freedom is better than happiness

2. See from their perspectives

Understand their interest, not yours. Try putting yourself in their shoes. Understand their concerns and show then that you understans. When they know that you understand their concerns, they will become more opening to hearing about you.

3. Be creative at inventing options

Invent options that can meet those interest. Be creative you might want to get to the parts you dont want so that you may get parts that you want.

4. Use objective criteria

You could use market value as the basis when selling your property. You could also use the law. What people have done in it from the past or experts opinions.

5. Get them involed

If you get them involved they will have a sense of trust. They will do it with enthusiasm.

6. Give your reason first

Before giving your proposal, give your reason first. If you give your proposal first, they might reject it right away in their minds and no longer listen to your reasoning. But if you give your reason first they will be in good frame of mind to hear you propose.

7. Attack the problem, not people

Attack problem not people. Avoid blaming or attacking them. Express disagreement with problem while still showing respect to them. Thata why they will work with you in finding a solution.

8. Use question instead of statements

When you disagree with somethings express in form of questions rather than direct statement. Ask them if they think the option will be fairly if they were in your position. Ask them if the other option is better.

9. Strengthen your alternative

The stronger your alternative the stronger your negotiaton power i.e before having job interviews, try to get job offers first. This will increase negotiation powers.

10. Postpone important decisions

When you are to make on important decision, consider postponing it for sometime. You might want to say something like, “let me get back to you” This will give you more time to frunk and prevent you from gumping in easily.

11. Beware of psychological warfare

  • Somepeople might try to make uncomfortable so thay they can get upper hand in negotiation. Maybe the give you uncomfortable chair or make you wait for them. These are psychological warfare. Recognize these tactics so that you don’t fall into the traps.

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