1. Problem with no solution

Productivity enhancement and related factors have put Bosses on the alert foelr innovative solutions to keep organizations afloat and competitive. Employees who are fond of fabling business problems before the Boss without offering solutions will encounter a damant deaf ears.

2. Complain about work overload

The easy way to pass the work overload test would be to breakdown the task into manageable bits and delegate sone of them to junior competent staff.

3. Openly challanging poor decisions

Have strong urge massaged with unquenclge ego to control people, resources and activities. Some boss will feel offended when employees openly oppose their poor decision under the prefex of participating decision making. Brilliant ideas framed to see likethey originated from the Boss will always be brought as one advocates for other employees to buy in.

4. Discuss fellow employees

Office politics sometimes engage the Boss in discussing fellow employees could be in his or her hidden inner circle.

5. Parade Homefront Troubles

Bossess should be left out of the contacts lists for spilling over uncooked beans. Since social councelling is usually not in the training and experience curriculum of leadership, the boss will only pay lip serve on family matters.

6. Flattering compliments

Bosses are pre occupied with big picture of meeting line targets that they become imprevious to casual compliments. Bosses enjoy showering praises to employees whose contribution enable them to surpass overall annual achievements. Employees should stress away from making remarks that maybe constructed as flattery to the boss. Before opening one’s mouth to tell the Boss something think twice to evade uncalled for responses.


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