We make plans and set goals goals to archieve but one thing to be sure about repeating and following the same habits becomes boring. Whenever you make decision to do something and stick to it, it becomes boring and end up consuming a lot time and energy. Most successful stories tend to emphasize on sticking to your path but this time its diffent aspect. Having great goals is important but the most important one is to cosider the steps into archieving the goals. Try breaking down the big goala into smaller flexible goals. Archiving to build a great empire takes much time,ideas,resources, connections,empowernment etc. All these are steps upon your ladder to achievement. Nothing easy in fullfilment. Everybody tries but most loose hope at about 97% while the 3% are the only ready to win out. So are you gonna be in 3% or the 97%. As I started blogging years back, I met friends who could ask me what was kinda getting me indoors all time. They used to see me get out to shop and back to my house. I had made my house my home since free lance and blogging became my favourite bite. So my few close friends could visit me up for a cup of coffe. Some would mind helping me up with the typing the data and later claimed boring. Shopkeepers would try to convince to look for another job since it seemed like I was kinda lazying around on my chair all day without doing something constructive. Society had put much pressure on me to get a wife and bear children before doing anything else. They would procastinate and gossip all way. The trend grew all way to the social media and the local radios. But i could sit down and question my self what of the youths abusing drug around the society all day? What of the prostitutes misbehabing to the customers on the restaurants? What of the sexual immorality all the way? But i couldnt make out the reason.Could I have made a wrong decision? Could I have interfered with their life?

Life boring indeed but why? People try ro make us guilty of no reason. They just feel guilty of how comfortable we are in the uncomfortable condition. They try to make us feel bad for own self but thats not our purpose. I tried to find out why people just try to make us same when we are totally unique. Is there information they are hiding behind the scenes? Do they need to get free sales from our struggles? Do they want to waste our time so that we also regret later and waste others time? Is this life a same boring game we play?


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