Technology is like a double edge sword. It can work for you or aganaist you. Use it in thr right way and technology can help you become more productive. But use it in the wrong way and technology can take you away from what matters most. Here are tip to make technology work for you:

1. Know the options

You dont need to know everything( infact trying to do that will take time away from doing real work). But you need to know the trend. You need to know when a new wave is coming. Follow some technology publication and read them selecting.

2. Know you needs

Equally important to knowing your options is knowing your needs. Why? Because it will help you fight the right tools for you. It will help you asses potential tools.

What is that you want to archieve?

What kind of tools will help?

3. Find the right tools

Next, you need to do experiment with potential tools. Your goal is to find the tools that fit your particular needs. Find out the strength of each tool and use it accordingly.

4. Stick to what works

Their is no point in always using the latest tools. Because they will only hinder you from getting thinga done. Getting things done you need to be familiar with your tools. So only consider switching to a new tool if it outlets a significant benefit.

5. Set limits

Remember that technology can work aganaist you. True with social media. If you consume too much of them you won’t get things done. Constant intemptions will also limit your productivity. Try to set limits, turn off notifications and limit your social media intake to just few timea a day.

  • Applying these tips that will help you make technology works for you and not aganaist you. You will be on your way to reach potential.

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