Friend break up: journey to acceptance

Stage 1: shock and denial

Your friend suddenly cuts you out of his or her life and you have no idea why you feel deeply upset.

Stage 2: Loss

You feel a terrible sense of pain and loss. You may obsessively replay memories of the times you enjoy together and you may experience physical symptoms of headache.

Stage 3: self blame

You wander what role you might have played in the ending of the friendship is it something you did? Could you have been a better friend.

Stage 4: Embarrasment and shame

You begin to wonder what othets might think. What does ir say about you if you couldn’t hold onto this person who was so dear to you? Will others think less to you?

Stages: Anger

You feel angry and indignant. You were always there when your friend needed you and you worked hard to nurture the relationship. And now she tosses you aside?

Stage 6: Acceptance

You have been an emotional roller coaster. But eventually you feel you can begin to let go. You realize it was better to have had friend in your life. Even if it was only for a season, than never to have the friend at all. You may feel a sense of peace and forgiveness.

Stage 7: Relief

  • After coming to peace with the end of friendship. You maybe suprisedvto feel a sebse of relief. You may realize that friendship wasnt actually as perfect ad you had once believed. You may not have opportunitu to explore new friendship for a bew season in your life.

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