1. Ones reacting slows down when they become quiet. Being slow to react is in itself virtue amd such people usually find themselves calm in times of crisis. They are able to handle and manage a crisis.

2. Quietness helps us solve the problems that take up so much of our energy.

3. To be quiet enables one to find their heart wisdom. You see its so hard to access what we dont take time to hear. Take time to hear inward hearts wisdom. At times when we are quiet we may just make decision to do something bad that we had intended to do earlier.

4. Quietness is healthy for overall functioningof all the systems in our body and mind. Quietness is restful and relaxing.

5. Being quiet helps us to target on what we actually do want and not what do not want.

In most cases people tend to focus more on what they are trying to fix rather than what they would want to manifest

Being quiet help us to remember just what it is that we do want.

6. Quietness allows someone to be able to access their creative voice.This helps us in various business and in our professional. We get to preeve new and better ideas and feel more peaceful about life.

7. Quietness also makes someone strong and centered. Helps us get rid of stress that creates tension all over us. Taking the time to be still and quiet will show this process of stressdown so that you can feel mucj more centered both physically and emotionaly.

8. To allow oneself time to be quiet will always give emotional relief from daily stressses of life.

9. Quietness enable us to just rest and try to forget about daily hustles to relax mind and body.

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