Succeeding in life is a far fetched dream if you are not ready to work. Many people want to become successful but they are always doing nothing towards the same. You progress in life depends on different things. Here are 3 enemies of progress.

1. Gambling

Gambling has become popular in the modern society. Youths in different parts of the nation are ever betting with the hope that they will improve their lives. Through sports betting most youths have been left jobless. If you want to progress, then its hight time to stop gambling.

2. Procastination

Never postpone things in life if you want to success. Postponing leaves you in in an akward position. If you decide to do something do it right away. Dont wait till its too late to start working on your dreams. Its recommended you start on time. Individuals who realize their dreams earlier in life, often find themselves successful in life. Creat a working plan for your life and embark on the same.

3. Fear of the unkown

  • Sometimes the fear of the unknown can be an important to your success. You need to take everystep with courage. There are many things you cannot achieve if you remain fearful in life. You must learn to work on your dream if you want to be successful without any form of fear.

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