Here are are 11 simple ways to win people to your way in a cool manner without worry despite challanges you may face.The are simple but tricky try to learn and cope up with time you shall become master of it. They inclufe:

1. You can’t win an Argument

2. Asure way of making enemies and how to avoid it

3. If you are wrong, admit it

4. The High Road to mans Reason

5. The secret of socrates

6. The safety value in handling complaints

7. How to get co-operation

8. A formula that will work wonder for you

9. What everybody wants

10. The movis do it, the radio doest it… Why dont you do it?

11. When nothing else works, try this a nutshel.

  • Though they are brief but if you carry out deep research on the above topics am sure you wont miss out the catch. An Enterprenuer once used them in businesss marketing and advertisement, is currenty appreciating those simple facts so why not you?

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