1. Nature gave men one tongue but two ears that we may hear twice as much as we speak.Try to examine yourself with the following questions and get your solution today.

1. Do you spend more time talking than listening ? (Yes_ No_)

2. Do you come up with a response in your head before they finish speaking ? (Yes_ No_)

3. Are you eager to talk about your solution ? (Yes_ No_)

4. Do you daydream while your prospect or client is talking ? (Yes_ No_)

5. Do you jump in and finish their question ? (Yes_ No_)

6. Do you ask so many question, the client or prospect does not have time to think and answer them ? (Yes_ No_)

7. Do you make a judgement about what is said before the speaker has finished ? (Yes_ No_)

8. Do you answer a question with a question ? (Yes_ No_)

9. Do you frequently interupt ? (Yes_ No_)

10. Are you quick to provide advice even when not asked ? (Yes_ No_)

Add up your Yes’s and No’s to review how you did. If you have 8 or more No’s Congratulations! You are an excellent listener.


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