1. Most of people tend to assume so habits in our berdroom that may affect our healthy being and lead dangerous accidents without care and generating helpful behaviours. Here are 12 best bed time habits to set to do everyday:

1. Keep electronics out of your bedroom.

This is efficient for better sleep and has been a universal rule among successful experts nawadays. The blue lights from tablets, laptops and smartphones interferes with falling a sleep because it suppresses metalonian essential hormone for sleep hence you cant easily fall a sleep. Devices can be stimulating and stimulation is the last thing you need when trying to fall asleep. Try 1hour before bed to turn off all devices but 2hours before is better. May turn the phone into Airplane mode or off.

2. Use black out blinds in your bedroom

Sleeping in a totally dark room improves sleep quality and hence make it easier to fall a sleep at night.

3. Set alarm for bedtime

Try setting alarm for sleeping at night and waking up in the morning. This will prevent oversleeping or going to bed late.

4. Embrace the 1-hour wind down

Take an hour to prepare for bed. I suggest closing out the day by getting ready for tommorrow. Fill an entire page with your thoughts but dont worry about what to write and try not to overthink. Generate maximum silence around your bed.

Moreover you can fall a sleep with calm mind hence try warm showers are especially good.They calm you and prepare your body for sleep.

Also you can find 20 minutes relax and read a book of fiction or not too taxing non_fiction, an old fashion paper or notes on an E-reader. Other people prefer to meditate and listen to soothing misic.

5. Sip Banana tea

Bananas have magical in term called magnesium which helps you shut off all night. The peels are the favourite and never worry of the bitter taste. Just boil chopped bananas including the peels in boiling water for 10 minutes and seive to consume.

6. Avoid the 3 taboos

There are 3 taboos that people oftenly commitve everytime. They include:

(a) Drinking coffee after 2pm.

(b) Eating within 3 hours of bedtime.

(c) Excersising within 3 hours of bedtime.

They stimulate the body instead of relaxing it hence causes a sleep disturbance.

7. Make a sleep a priority for the entire family

To-do list whole family top category mirrors with bedtime preparation message, time to put pajamas and lights out time. Create a family bedtime routine you can stick to help reduce stress for both parents and kids.

8. Warm your toes for better sleep

Try out wearing socks to bed. Putting a warm water bottle near your feet under the coversors this is beace icy toes may delay falling sleep.

9.Time your workouts carefully

Wrap up any vigorous exercise two to three hours prior to bed time. Lean on your back with your back elevated on wall.

10. Ban bed buddies

Research shows that pets are not great bed buddies , they are animals and can disrupt your sleep.

11. Skip the night cap

Using alcohol for sleep is bad idea because it alters the quality of sleep. You may not feel rested in the morning since alcohol lighten sleep and suppress REM. You may wake up frequently and get hard to fall back a sleep.

12. Embrace meditation

Embracing meditation releases stress, tune your breathing and help out in breathing deeply and rythymical.

If you add habits that directly relate to your personal goals, then it is easy to create a daily schedule (30min) which can dramatically imperove your health.



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