SUCCESS is not a term that can be easily be defined. Rather in this case,its your actions that steer the talking. When it comes to identifying the rules for success, there is not set formula or theory that you can just engrave in your brain and turn into an overnight phenomenon: there is no ON-OFF Switch attached to your psyche that makes you a success or afailure. But yes, you can indeed generalize a few good habits of some of the greatest people of all times, be it Successful Enterprenuers, influencers, socialist, politicians or even sports-person. Here are two golden rules that may generate a great achievement:


One of the most basic mantra to succeed as illustrated by Steven Jobs was to do what your heart desires you to do.

People keep wasting their time, energy and productivity sitting in cabacicles, pale faced,glaring at random words and numbers, trying to make sense out of every client call and still having no clue about where their life is headed to.

Life is a onetime phenomenon. No one knows what happens in the afterlife or does KARMA actually repay you the debts of your present day actions. So why waste it living someone else dream or making others happy? If you are not passionate enough to perfom a given duty, do not waste time even thinking on how to do it. People with passion can change thw world for better. If you realize what it means, your worls will gradually transform for good. Just BELIEVE IN YOURSELF.

We all have heard the story of THIRSTY COW or DONKEY IN WHEEL who believe in their own strengths and survived at odds to get what they wished for. To truly believe in who you are as person and what skills, what talents you possess can make a huge difference on how you see an opportunity that lies a head of you.

Success is when preparation meets opportunity and to be prepared means to know exactly where you stand today and what you wish to have for yourself in the coming future. However to believe in your self doesnt mean to overlook your limitations. The very fundamental step to accomplish all your goals and to make all your dreams come true begins with one simple realization that YOU ARE HUMAN and it basically implies that you are not perfect and cannot do everything alone. Believe in your capabilities but overbelieving can make you face a pitfall.


Procastination is one of the major psychological determinants that affect the success of any individual. Everyone procastinates at some point in His or Her lives out of Basic Human Nature, However making it a habit can have its own self consequences. To keep on delaying important tasks repeatedly can not only undermine an individuals true potential in other peoples eyes but on occasion can bring their careers to a disruptive end as well. In order to overcome procastination even at smaller levels, one can revert to some of the most basic techniques of time management, self motivation and team building.

Although just like any other problem, the key to device an appropriate solution lies in recognizing when you started with this habit and to understand why it happens. Procastination not only delays the completion of important tasks in our lives but triggers PANIC BUTTON.

Hope it may help out in some way.


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