1.Relationship are your greatest resource.

You dont have to own something to make use of it. If there is an item or a resource you could need but don’t need to use daily, you can borrow a client or pool money and purchade a shared resource.

2.Wise energy use creates efficiency.

Energy cost every task. Energy is what creates value. By combining lasics and shavy resource, you use less energy to do your daily tasks, you creat less waste and you reduce your cost of living.

3.Everything has potential value.

You can also lessen needless waste by sharing what you have that is not useful to you. If something isn’t value to you, it might well be value to someone else. Sometimes we are embarassed to share or to ask because we feel that we should be indipendent. By sharing what you have you reduce waste and make it easier for oters to share what they have. Empty flower pots and unused buckets became part of rain catchment system.

4.Skills matter than money.

There are other ways to get what you need. If you have specialised skills or expertise, you have means of creating and exchanging value.

5.Overlapping needs opportunities.

Look for overlapping needs and shared points of interest. These are opportunities to reduce wasted energy and accomplish more for less.

6.Expectation are your greatest drain.

Things don’t have to look the way you think they should look. Once you let your expectations, you are free to be more creative and make the make the most of who you are. By trying to live up to standards set by people in dofferent goals will always set you back. We need to tune out our comparison and tune to what works for us in current of powerful things you can do in your life is to ask how much you value something, apart from expectations and comparison.


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