• Office gossip is a live and well and likely to continue into the next millennium. One study done has revealed that 90% of the conversation in the workplace can only be defined as gossip. It has also wormed its way into office emails where it is estimated that it occupies about 15% office comnunication. Gossip can also fill agap when office communication and management are inadequate.

1.Take action to stop negative gossip.

It will be up to you to keep the lines of communication open so that negative gossip never get foithold.

2.Ask penetrating questions

I know nothing more annoying when people I don’t know jump to conclusion on my person based in nothing but gossip or speculation. If you find a colleague who is telling you doubtful details about a co_woker, try to pin her/him down. You ca also ask for more details which will usually get arather vague response. You can ask detailed questions about when and why various incidents occured. The idea is to put the gossipy colleague in a difficult postition which will expose him or her for what they realy are_a gossip-monger.

3.Stay out of the gossiping colleague

Gossip is the devils radio.

If you decide to have no part in this type of gossip you can very frankly say that you are just not intrested in harmful conversation. The gossiper will then leave you alone as he will view you as a poor gossip_monger. You can feel proud that you have taken such a stance. If all your colleagues did that then this destructive gossip will dry up. Gossip colleagues with no audience are dead in water.

4.You can threaten to repeat the gossip to the victim.

Gosssipy colleagues hate this because they know that they will be exposed. Just say that you intend to repeat back to the hopless victim what youvhave just heard.

5.Being friendly with the office gossip will not protect you.

Who gossip to you will gossip of you.

You might prefer to take a more friendly approach you might find that tolerance will go far and you can handle gossip in alight Hearted way. The only problem is that gossip talks about everyone so you may soon to be target.

6.Team work can work well.

Try teaming up with your other co_worker. You can play prank with their help. Invent some gossiper that is top secret. Let your colleagues know and when the gossiper tell everyone, you can confront her and ask why she betrayed your trust on such a confident that should silence the muckraker.

7.Taking at the water cooler

Whe fog topic like Backstabbing, bring a topic of spot competition, food or weather can often break up gossip by you.Tell them you have an urgent deadline to meet.Avoid harmful and horrible gossip is feastive.


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