When I interviewed various rich people in my society it came to my conclusion of same familar weakness they all possess in common.Although you may be from wealthy background and have never thought your instinct could be the same as the neighbour or co_worker or maybe business workmates in your class.All these answers were alittle bit intresting since many people thought diffent as they do.The character traits is as follows:


Rich peoples mindset keep on on the what ifs thought that kept running all the time.Many were training to;

learning to worry about the right things not everything.


As many wealthy people could claim that;

I will always choose alazy person to do adifficult job…because he will find an easier way to do it.

Many ought to spend time with other wealthy people and build things(like companies,apps,documentaries e.t.c) Some claimed that they could do it for free even if they werent paid to do it.

They wasted energy for passion.

Moresome they could say that

They hated doing thimgs because “thats way it is done” and frequently find shortcut that prove success.

3.Being too nice

People doubted the wealthy people as being “too nice” and unable tp effectively close deals.

This trait was adrive to succes for many wealthy peopleI met.

They legitimately placed clients goals first by building trust that goes beyond contract. And if need t say no or be firm on a requirement people could definately know tht it was Non negotiable.


Paranaoid be came a life saver to many wealthy people.

They always kept accounting for

What could could go wrong in any decision they ought to make.

Accounting for potential downside doesnt make you apessimits,it makes you a realist.

Be aparanoid if you need to be successful chap.

5.Brutal Honesty

Majority of the wealthy people could claim that they were forced to pretend not to beat around the bush and value open dialgue. Others could feel uncomfortable during frank conversations.In the long run being totally honesty has helped them to stay true to their paths and visions.


Whatever they were into all had intensly into-intensly ethusiastic, drive and demanding.

Some claimed the fact that;

My highs are high and my low are low”

This can be too much for some people but thats why they never accepted Passable products or good enough operations. Intensity has bored emotional toughness asset for successful enterprenuer.


When they were frequently asked by their friends “How did you get the courage to risk starting your own business?” It was good question to them.They could take up the challange and feedback.

I think i was too nave in my early 20s to understand the magnitude of what we were trying to do.”

People often thik too much and scare themselves away from following their dream.But having naviety in doing what seem to be negative to others can make you level up your progress.


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