Healthy tips for mental being.

  • The following are important tips that would aid your mental growth and development:

1.Develope close friendship and positive relatioship with acquaintences important for psychological balance.

2.Listen to other peoples advice but make up your mind.Dont let others make decisions for you then begin to blame them later.

3.Be the master of your own life.No one has power over your life except you.Try to analyze your life and try to make it better if needed be.

4.In all stages of your life keep your own personality.Be open to new knowledge and experience.

5.Your enthusiasm is what drives you.Be sure that you have specific goals on which focus on and that keeps you ethusiastic.

6.Be contentent with yourself.Never undermine yourself or feel intimidated or be staked by guilt.When necessary appologize to friends,associate or even yourself and then let go.

7.Accept discomfort as asign that there is something that needs changing.Never see discomfort as an enemy,but as an envy process.Learn how to listen to your body,pain and how to deal with it.

8.If you begin experiencing mood swings or mind depression, start an exercise program such as running, swimming, walking e.t.c

9.Learn sone techniques that facilitate relaxation ie yoga, meditation e.t.c

10.Have a belief in higher being i.e can engage in church, politics and development that lead to prolonged life.

11.If prayer is part of your faith, practice it as often as possible. Aprayer has soothing effect on the believe as thus enhances peaceful mind.


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